At Tristone, we offer customized service delivery solutions for each client throughout the value chain of their activities.

We have the ability and resources to service clients across the financial services industry including private equity and venture capital funds, family offices/LPs, credit funds, CLO managers, direct lenders, secondary funds, fund of funds, public equity / hedge funds and wealth management firms. Our support services are used by corporates and start-ups for fundraising, M&A, and acquisition financing activities. We also work with and support sell-side boutique or small and mid-size investment banks, placement agents and corporate advisory firms.

Tristone has been a great addition to our existing resources. Their high-quality work products are at par with Tier 1 investment banks. I would highly recommend Tristone to help with anyone’s analytical and investment research needs.


Private Equity and VC Funds

Fund Raising

  • Research to Support an Investment Thesis and Strategy
  • Prepare Road Show / Investor Presentations


  • White Papers for Thought Leadership
  • Newsletters
  • Case Studies
  • Creating & Maintaining Databases

Proprietary Deal Flow

  • Industry Landscaping
  • Market Analysis
  • Company Profiling
  • Business Diligence

Inbound Deal Flow

  • Identification & Marketing to All Relevant Bankers/Brokers
  • Investment Screening
  • Summarize Investment Memorandums
  • Deal Feasibility Analysis

Due Diligence

  • Industry & Company Research
  • Review Data Rooms
  • Analysis of Financials
  • Validate Key Assumptions
  • Prepare Investment Committee Memorandum


  • Financial Modeling
  • LBO
  • DCF
  • Equity Trading Comparables
  • M&A Precedents


  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Update Models
  • Annual Budget Modeling
  • Preparing Board Packs
  • KPI Tracking
  • Competitive Benchmarking

Creating Value

  • Identify Add-on Acquisitions
  • Identify Financial & Strategic Buyers
  • Prepare Data Rooms
  • Prepare Info Memo for Fund Raising

Credit Funds, CLO Managers and Lenders

Proprietary Deals / Direct Lending

  • Industry Landscaping
  • Market Analysis
  • Company Overview
  • Public Information Book
  • Business Diligence
  • Cashflow and Credit Profile Analysis
  • Debt Capacity Analysis
  • Prepare Preliminary Credit Memo

Inbound Deals / Liquid Credit

  • Prepare Credit Note, Summarize Bank Book / HY Offering Memorandum
  • Financial Modeling
  • Prepare Comparables


  • Review Electronic Data Room
  • Prepare Due Diligence Questions
  • Analysis of Historical and Projected Financials
  • Quality of Earnings Analysis
  • Validate Key Assumptions
  • Industry & Company Research
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Prepare Financial Model
  • Assist in Preparing Investment Committee Memorandum
  • HY or Debt Comparables
  • Equity Trading and M&A Comparables

Portfolio Management

  • Update Financial Models for Quarterly Financials
  • Participate in Quarterly Earnings Conference Calls
  • Prepare Credit Update Memo
  • Compare Budget versus Actual Performance Analysis
  • Industry and Market Update (Including Peer Analysis)

Family Offices


  • Assist with Due Diligence on Direct, Co-Invest, PE/VC and Credit Fund Investments and Social Impact Investments
  • Investment Research
  • Review Data Rooms and Prepare Due Diligence Questions
  • Analysis of Historical and Projected Financials / Track Record
  • Quality of Earnings Analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Detailed Financial Modeling
  • Valuation Analysis (Equity Trading and Precedent M&A Comps)
  • Prepare Investment Memorandum

Portfolio Management

  • Assist Portfolio Managers and/or Research Analysts with a variety of activities
  • Company and Industry Research
  • Relative Valuation of Securities
  • Credit Research Analysis
  • Quarterly/Semi-Annual Performance Updates and Manager Reviews for Investments in the Portfolio
  • Summarize Macro Market Updates for Clients
  • Assist in Optimizing Portfolio Allocation Models

Research & Presentations

  • Prepare Thematic Research Reports
  • Prepare Company and GP Profiles
  • Assist with Business Development / Client Presentation
  • Prepare Macro Market Updates


  • Provide value added support to a Client’s Business or Company. Prepare Financial Models/Projections, Management Presentations, M&A Support, etc.

Investment Banks

Deal Origination

  • Industry Landscaping to Identify Prospective Clients
  • Industry Primer Reports
  • Company Profiles
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Equity Trading Comparables
  • M&A Precedent Transactions
  • Financial Modeling
    • DCF Analysis
    • Cashflow Credit Profile
    • LBO Analysis
  • Preliminary Valuation Analysis
  • Draft Pitchbooks
  • Client Newsletters

Deal Execution

  • Company and Industry Research
  • Review and/or Create Data Rooms
  • Analysis of Historical and Projected Financial Statements
  • Detailed Financial Modeling
  • Prepare Teasers
  • Prepare List of Potential Buyers and Potential Targets
  • Assist in Preparing Investment Banking Committee Memorandum
  • Prepare Information Memorandum for M&A or Capital Raising

Equity and Fixed Income Research

  • Assist in Preparing Initiation Coverage Reports
  • Assist in Preparing Quarterly / Event Driven Reports
  • Prepare and Update Company Financial Models
  • Participate on Earnings Conference Calls
  • Conduct Industry and Peer Group Analysis


Business Plans

  • Assist in Preparing Business Plans (Information Memorandum / Presentations)
  • Conduct Secondary Research to Support Business Plans
  • Prepare Financial Models
  • Monthly / Quarterly Cashflow Forecast


  • Identify Prospective Investors
  • Prepare Teasers, Investor Presentations and Related Materials
  • Prepare Valuation Analysis for Investor Discussion
  • Create Data Rooms & Prepare List of FAQs
  • Assist in the Due-Diligence Process

Project Specific Support

  • Competitor Benchmarking and Market Landscape Analysis
  • Project Budgeting and Cashflow Analysis
  • M&A Related Activities
  • Sensitivity / Scenario analysis
  • Board Presentations
  • Compensation Guidelines
  • Other CFO Office Activities

Portfolio Companies/Corporates

  • Support Business Development team with research support
  • Assist in evaluating new M&A opportunities
  • Support M&A Team in executing M&A transactions
  • Prepare financial models to support various activities
  • Support CFO Office with Equity & Debt Fund Raising activities
  • Support Investor Relations function
  • Prepare Investor Presentations and FAQ’s
  • Prepare Annual Budget Models (Quarterly & Annual)
  • Prepare Market and Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Identify Potential Strategic Acquisitions
  • Prepare Board Presentations