We have dedicated teams for all our clients which act as an extension of the client’s in-house team. The Tristone team comprises of an Analyst that is managed on a day to day basis by an Associate.

The Analyst is responsible for most of the underlying work and the Associate is responsible for managing all assignments, problem solving, quality control and communicating with the client.

In addition, a partner or VP is responsible for overall supervision, ensuring consistency in the quality of deliverables and making sure client expectations are being met. Depending on the volume and scope of work for a client, we will staff one or multiple Analysts for a client engagement.

The above model provides clients with multiple layers of quality control and touch points at our end. Our model provides greater leverage to our clients and enables them to focus on growing their business while also leveraging the expertise of our senior partners who have over 20 years of experience of working with bulge bracket investment banks and private equity firms.

We kick-off every new client assignment with an organizational meeting with the client to understand their work activities, process, work templates and overall requirements. Thereafter we have weekly or more frequent update calls or video conferences with the client as needed by the client.

We communicate with our clients using video conferencing, conference calls, emails, or other means depending on the preference of the client.

The Tristone Model

Code of Conduct and Compliance

We at Tristone have a code of conduct (“Code”) to ensure high standards of ethical behavior, integrity, dealing with confidential information, avoiding conflicts of interest and importance of trust. All incoming employees acknowledge their understanding of the Code and agree to comply with the principles and policies. Existing employees are required annually to confirm past compliance and ongoing obligation. Compliance with the Code is mandatory. Employees who contravene the spirit or letter of the code are subject to disciplinary action commensurate with the action including suspension or dismissal.

Some of our best practices for dealing with confidential or client information include:

  • All communication between the client and Tristone team is done only via secure company servers and password protected shared drives.
  • Hard copies of any document can be printed only via office printers. All printing activity of each team member is tracked and recorded.
  • All hard copies of any documents are destroyed over certain time intervals or after the assignment is complete.
  • We execute Non-Disclosure agreements with all our clients and employees. We ensure that our employees are highly sensitive to the confidentiality requirements and we have a zero-tolerance policy in this matter.